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Pathfinder Pen and Paper, Fantasy, 4+ Players, Expansions


Pathfinder is a classic sword-and-sorcery, high fantasy roleplaying game. There is a lot of room in Pathfinder to do different sorts of adventures, but the classic is still a small party of fighters, wizards, rogues, clerics, and such (humans, elves, dwarves, or other races) venturing into a dungeon, castle, town, or other fairly enclosed space and defeating enemies (characters or monsters) in combat, thus winning riches and better stuff, which will be used to defeat more powerful enemies later on.

Success or failure of an action in Pathfinder hinges on the roll of a twenty-sided die (d20). Tasks, whether trying to hit something in combat, try to make a saving throw to avoid the worst effects of a spell, climbing a rain-slicked tower wall, or bluffing past town guards, have an assigned difficulty. The character’s d20 roll will be modified by a broadly applicable ability modifier (strength, charisma, etc.), a more specific proficiency modifier (a skill, or attack bonus), and possibly other situational modifiers.

A detailed character creation system allows you to create almost any hero you desire. From a bloof drenched half-orc barbarian classic, to a spell slinging half-elf prodigy. A detailed combat system and fully fleshed magic system



  • Massive replayability
  • Unlimited possiblities
  • Rich lore
  • Social


  • Too addicting?