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Role Playing Games

Roleplaying games like D&D have been growing in popularity. They are a great way to let your imagination run wild, and to step into the shoes of a might warrior or powerful wizard! The success of shows like Critical Role and Stranger Things have introduced a new generation to the fun of RPGs.


Pathfinder Pen and Paper, Fantasy, 4+ Players, Expansions


Fight vampires, werewolves and an ancient Lich-King returned from the grave! Become a pirate, and raid the seven seas! Battle the witches of the north, and save the world from an eternal winter!Pathfinder has over a dozen adventure paths that guide you through amazing stories of heroic adventures and villainous deeds – or you can make your own unique adventure instead.

Based on D&D, Pathfinder expands the roleplaying game with a plethora of new classes, including witches, alchemists, oracles, psychics and swashbucklers. Pathfinder also takes D&Ds optional feat system and makes it an integral part of the game, allowing you to customise your character in myriad ways, while it's in-depth skill system allows you to choose exactly what you want your character to be good at.

Dungeons & Dragons

Pen and Paper, Fantasy, 4+ Players, Expansions


For decades, people of all ages have gathered to roll dice and let their imagination take them on epic quests to slay dragons, protect helpless villages from monsters, or delve into dark dungeons in search of treasure! With the new simplified rules of D&D 5e, it is easier to jump into the game than ever before.

In D&D you play a mighty hero (or villain), choosing from many different classes including weapon-wielding fighters and barbarians, spell-casting wizards, sorcerers and warlocks, or something in between like clerics, druids and rangers. You can play as a human, elf, dwarf, gnome, or one of many other races. As you fight your way through battles with evil creatures, navigate delicate social encounters, and explore ancient ruins and hidden fortresses, you gain experience, granting you powerful new abilities.

Star finder

Pen and Paper, Fantasy, 4+ Players, Expansions


Adventure through space in Starfinder! Technology, magic and laser swords! Ancient empires, galaxy-spanning conspiricies and rock bands!

Starfinder uses a similar ruleset to Pathfinder, but streamlined and updated for a new age, with amazing alien races and new, unique classes that let you play anything from a skilled soldier, to a technomancer who hacks reality with magic, to a energy-weapon wielding solarian who draws on the power of stars and black holes.